Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day - Packaging Ideas

The first taste of a dish is the one you take with your eyes.  Presentation is the key to a successful dish.

Having said that,  sometimes the most difficult aspect of making a basket for a holiday is finding the right basket and then finding the right packaging for all of the scrumptious baked items.  It is important that you can see all the cookies, candies, marshmallows and anything else that you include as individual presentations.  Therefore, before I begin the baking process I design the basket.

I like to buy containers that will hold the baked goods in a way that they won't move or break.  I also like to buy clear bags for cookies.  The bags that I buy are food safe -  you must check to be sure.  Here is what this year's baskets containers is looking like.

Boxes, Ribbons and Tissue Paper for Valentines Basket

You can buy the clear bags in boxes of 100 in 7 different sizes at your local florist supply store.  They run from $4.40-$9.00 for a box of 100.  That is a great buy.  You can also buy them online at Papermart in boxes of 100.  You can also order ribbons, boxes, baskets, tissue paper and anything else that you might need from Papermart.    The chinese decorative food containers can be bought at either Pier 1 or any party supply store.   Pier 1 has great prices and they frequently have sales.  I always buy more than I think I need - especially when the items are on sale.  The red boxes for Valentines Day can also be used for Christmas so they will not go to waste.

To wrap the whole basket you will need a large roll of clear cellophane wrap that is available at either a florist supply store or at Papermart.

Stay tuned for the next posting which will feature a list of the supplies needed for the baking process.


  1. THanks Kristen - stay tuned for the next blog that talks about the equipment you need to make all the goodies!