Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day - Equipment Needed

Now that we have the packaging for our Valentine's basket decided and purchased we can turn our attention to the items that we need to make the goodies for the basket.

Equipement Needed to Make Goodies for Valentines Basket

In order to determine what equipement you need it is important to first decide what cookies, candy, cupcakes or whoppie pies, mini-brownies etc. you are going to bake.

 This year's basket will include the following:

Hand decorated sugar cookies
Home made marshmallows cut in heart shapes
Red velvet whoopie pies with buttercream filling cut into heart shapes
S'mores in X's and O's.
Triple chocolate brownies in heart shapes
Chocolate heart shaped box
Heart candy lollipops
Hard candy lollipops in X's and O's
Linzer Cookies with heart shaped cut out

In order to make all these items you will need the following:

Mold for chocolate cookie box (clear mold in center of the photo)
Various sizes of heart shaped cookie cutters - at least one with a scalloped edge
Heart shaped baking molds (tins on the top left of photo as well as pink silicon molds on either side of photo)
Heart Shaped Cupid cookie cutter in two sizes
X and O shaped cookie cutters (for cookies and s'mores)
Heart decorated cupcake papers (which can be used to package mini-marshmallows)
Star shaped cookie cutter (for you are the 'star' of my life)

These items can be purchased at your local bakery supply store, Target, Walmart or online at either  kitchen krafts or kitchen gifts.  Be sure and have your list ready before you go shopping!

Next blog will be about the ingredients you need to have on hand before you start your baking.  Stay tuned.


  1. oooh i love cupcakes!! Looing forward to seeing the result :)

  2. Awesome! so cute pink color!