Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Product from Smoore's Kitchen is in late stage development

Can you say - Caramel to die for?

I have been trying to make the perfect caramel for years and I have found a recipe that does just that.  It is so fantastic and unique that I am going to be developing a way to market it on the internet and at Farmer's Markets.  I am working on the packaging but my inclination is to just keep it simple.  I would be interested in any thoughts that you all might have.

Here is the caramel through its stages:

This is the sugar at the melting stage:

Stage at which you add butter and a secret ingredient

The addition of the third ingredient

Finished product:

This caramel sauce is smooth as silk with a backnote of saltiness.  It is perfect over ice cream, over brownies (especially ones made with a cream cheese filling), cheese cake, lemon pound cake, or just on a spoon for an afternnoon boost!.  As you can see it is a deep caramel color - but not too sweet.

I gave a jar to a friend of mine and she hides it from herself so that she won't eat it all at once.  It is that good.

Stay tuned for release date.

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