Saturday, March 5, 2011

Limoncello made from a family recipe

My friend Margie and I were very busy bees with all the citrus from the Crest Hill Grove.  Not only did we develop the soon to be released Crest Hill Marmalade but we also spent an afternoon making homemade Limoncello from an old family recipe.

Here are the photos of the first stages.  The entire recipe takes almost three months from start the finish.  The stage photographed here takes 40 days and must sit in a dark place for that long.  When that stage is done we will post the next stage.

Meyer lemons from the Grove:

 Five quarts of Everclear

The rinds of 35 organic meyer lemons.

Now into a dark place for the magic to begin.

First Product from Smoore's Kitchen is in late stage development

Can you say - Caramel to die for?

I have been trying to make the perfect caramel for years and I have found a recipe that does just that.  It is so fantastic and unique that I am going to be developing a way to market it on the internet and at Farmer's Markets.  I am working on the packaging but my inclination is to just keep it simple.  I would be interested in any thoughts that you all might have.

Here is the caramel through its stages:

This is the sugar at the melting stage:

Stage at which you add butter and a secret ingredient

The addition of the third ingredient

Finished product:

This caramel sauce is smooth as silk with a backnote of saltiness.  It is perfect over ice cream, over brownies (especially ones made with a cream cheese filling), cheese cake, lemon pound cake, or just on a spoon for an afternnoon boost!.  As you can see it is a deep caramel color - but not too sweet.

I gave a jar to a friend of mine and she hides it from herself so that she won't eat it all at once.  It is that good.

Stay tuned for release date.