Monday, February 28, 2011

Crest Hill Marmalade

My friend Margie (the one that I started making Christmas baskets with 23 years ago) lives in San Diego.  I came out to visit her after my hip surgery to get away from the cold and start the real physical therapy required to get back into shape.  We have enjoyed lots of laughs, sun in Mexico and lots of exercise (can you hear my muscles screaming?).

Margie's husband - Chris - planted Meyer lemon and Navel orange trees on their property years ago.  They are quite bountiful - so being the creative people we are we decided to do something with all those oranges.  Hence the birth of their new boutique business - "Crest Hill Marmalade".   They will be selling the marmalade at Farmer's Markets in their area.

We started the project by picking their organic oranges from the tree.  They are medium skin and sweet.

After picking the oranges we sliced them thin and then let them boil in water for 40 minutes until they got soft - after that adding the sugar and cooking another 40 minutes until the consistency of the marmalade reached 223 degrees on a candy thermometer.   After that we added our secret ingredient - a teaspoon of triple sec for every 5 oranges.

We then boiled the canning jars for 10 minutes (along with caps and bands)- filled and then boiled for another then minutes to seal.

Here is the finished product

We made 32 jars of orange marmalade - a fabulous beginning!